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Furnace Parts

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Heat Treating Furnace Parts Heat Treating Furnace Parts
B1557-A Rail and Guide Assembly

Pro-Tech furnace parts are molded in the investment process which results in tighter dimensional tolerances, consistent wall thicknesses and sound casting integrity. Pro-Tech maintains the largest pattern inventory of heat treat furnace parts in the industry. We understand the urgency and importance of keeping your furnace up and running. Pro-Tech keeps many critical furnace parts such as fans, rails and chain guides in stock ready to ship.

  • Furnace Fan
  • Roller Rail & Rollers
  • Chain Guides
  • Pusher Head Assembly
  • Furnace Doors
  • Door Castings
  • Radiant Tubes
  • Tube supports
  • Generator Retorts
  • Nickel Catalyst
  • Alumdum Catalyst support
  • Furnace Rolls
  • Cast Link Belt
  • Spark Igniter Rod
  • Carbon sensor probe

Below are some examples of our Furnace Part designs.
Click on the pictures to enlarge.

B1536 B1537-0D B1549
B1557-E B2866 B1140-3
B2804H B2807H B1548
B1024 B2822 B1081A
B1736-1-78 B1085 FURNACE-DOOR-3