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Engineering/ Design
"Innovative thermal processing solutions" isn't just a Pro-Tech tag line. Since 1985, Pro-Tech has been the industry leader in creating innovative designs and proprietary alloys that improve alloy life, reduce costs and increase loading capacity for companies throughout the world.

Pro-Tech's engineering and design teams are made up of highly trained and creative people who often "think outside the box". Our skilled employees utilize the latest in AutoCAD and 3D SolidWorks software which provides 3-D solid modeling along with casting solidification analysis. Pro-Tech evaluates the functionality of each design with several design-analysis tools such as; stress analysis, thermal analysis, fluid flow dynamics, shape optimization and fatigue analysis.

Tooling Shop
As an incentive to build better casting designs, Pro-Tech keeps pattern costs to a minimum and often makes customer patterns for FREE. That's right…FREE patterns! Pro-Tech has a current inventory of over 1100 cast patterns and dyes that are used in the investment, sand, lost foam and the centrifugal molding process.

Pro-Tech's diversified casting, machining and fabricating capabilities has helped us become the preferred single source supplier in the thermal processing industry. Pro-Tech is committed to continuously improving the performance of our products and services. Our dedication to our pursuit of perfection continues with innovative new designs, the development of new and improved alloys and the continuous improvement of our manufacturing and organizational processes.

Pro-Tech pours castings in multiple molding processes such as sand (no-bake), investment (lost wax), lost foam and centrifugal molding. This molding versatility allows our engineers to incorporate design features in our furnace parts and fixtures that appropriately achieve the design goals that our customers require.

Our foundries use induction melting furnaces that have the melting capacity of up to 4000 pounds. Every heat is checked through spectrographic analysis prior to pouring.

Molding Process Lbs./Inches Millimeters/Kilograms
Sand Casting    
Part weight (max): 4400# 2000.00kgs
Part dimension (max): 79"x79" 2000mm x 2000mm
Investment (Lost wax)    
Part weight (max): 375# 170.00 kgs
Part dimension (max): 62"x39" 1600mm x 1000mm
Lost foam    
Part weight (max): 660# 300.00 kgs
Part dimension (max): 71"x71" 1800mm x 1800mm
Part weight (max): 11,000# 5000.00 kgs
Outside tube diameter (min): 02.16" 54.86mm
Outside tube diameter (max): 51.00" 1295.00mm
Wall thickness (min): 0.24" 06.10mm

Machining/ welding/ metal forming
The Pro-Tech engineering team often creates heat and corrosion resistant products that require a hybrid design, combining both cast components and welded wrought materials. As a single source supplier our manufacturing facilities incorporate a vast array of machining, welding, metal cutting and metal forming equipment.


  • CNC turning- used for producing parts that are symmetrical about an axis of revolution, including fan shafts, furnace roll assemblies and cast tubes
  • CNC milling- combined with CNC turning used for producing a variety of secondary machining operations
  • Surface grinding- used to produce tighter flatness tolerances on tray and fixture surfaces often required in vacuum and atmosphere furnaces.
  • Tube boring/ lathe- Used for producing machined inside and outside tube diameters for products such as tubes and furnace rolls
  • CNC dynamic & static balancing equipment- used for furnace fans, trunions and furnace rolls


  • MIG, TIG, Resistance (pressure)
  • Heat & corrosion resistant welding consumables: Inco82, Techalloy 606
  • Certified welding process
  • Certified welding inspection

Metal forming

  • Shearing & Breaking-Max: .375" thick x 12' long
  • CNC plasma cutting-Max: 1.000" thick

Pro-Tech supplies high quality mesh products that support or hold the metal parts while being processed through the thermal processing furnace. We supply a variety of custom mesh made from multiple wire diameters, mesh openings and heat and corrosion resistant materials. All wire edges are heliarc welded (safety edged).

  • Mesh liners- used in POWER STACK baskets to support and contain parts.
  • Mesh screens- used in POWER STACK baskets to separate parts & levels.
  • Mesh alignment screens-used to hold parts in the vertical position.
  • Mesh Racking screens- used to hold parts in a specific location

Standard mesh sizes and materials:

  • #4 mesh (.25" centers) with a .080" wire dia. (.170" square inch opening)
  • #2 mesh (.50" centers) with a .120" wire dia. (.375" square inch opening)
  • #6 and #8 mesh are available
  • Alternate wire diameters can be used
  • 316SS, 330SS, Inc. 600, inc. 601

Quality Control

  • Investment cast tolerances & gauges
  • Spectrographic analysis
  • Centrifugally cast tubes are dye penetrant testing and boroscope examination
  • Tube assemblies are pressure checked with both air and water
  • Using virgin material and pouring at the lowest possible temperatures insure finer grain structure and uniform solidification throughout the cooling process.
    • Ultrasound and X-ray quality services
    • Dynamic balancing / static balancing

Stocking Program
Ship from Stock
Pro-Tech has your furnace part in stock. Located in Downers Grove, Illinois, our warehouse holds several hundred common furnace parts, base trays and POWER STACK baskets ready for immediate shipping. We offer individual customers a customized alloy stocking program which guarantees your furnace parts, trays and fixtures are in stock.