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Pro-Tech specializes in designing cast loading fixtures that increase part loading capacity, improve part processing quality and increase the life of the alloy. Our ability to mold in the investment, lost foam and sand molding process gives our engineering team wide open parameters to design a fixture for your parts. Using the latest in software such as SOLID WORKS, 3-D Solid Modeling, Auto Cad and CSA (Casting Solidification Analysis) our engineering team has the tools and experience to design a fixture that maximizes your loading capacity and processing goals.

  • Shaft Fixtures
  • Stacking Gear & Pinion Fixtures
  • Hanging Gear Fixtures
  • Center, 3 and 4 Post Fixtures
  • Multi-purpose Fixtures

Below are some examples of our Fixture designs.
Click on the pictures to enlarge.

B1962A Blade Fixture B2652A
B1120 B1594 B2700
B1286 B2067 B1121
B3002-2A B2838A B2871A
B2872A B1120A B1594
B1808-4A B2700A