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Cast Baskets

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Power Stack™ Baskets are the #1 Choice of captive and commercial heat treat departments throughout the world!

Pro-Tech offers a variety of cast baskets that withstand the heavy duty loading requirements common in the heat treating and thermal processing industry.

In 2006 Pro-Tech introduced the POWER STACK, a one-piece cast basket that offered the heat treating industry an alternative to the standard bar frame welded basket designs. Since that introduction, the POWER STACK basket line continues to outperform and substantially outlast the old bar frame designs. Pro-Tech has a pattern inventory of hundreds of basket designs and sizes that will fit most base trays and furnace hearths. Our baskets are currently being used in all types of furnaces such as batch, continuous, box and pit and processes such as vacuum, carburizing and hardening.

Power Stack basket

  • Hold their shape- basket sides and bottom won't warp or bow
  • Better stacking- 100% perimeter contact
  • 7-10% more loading capacity compared to bar frame designs
  • Multiple basket heights and sizes available
  • Variety of standard mesh liners available
  • Ability to fixture with alignment screens
  • Common sizes are often in stock

Corrugated Cast Basket

  • Multiple basket heights and sizes available
  • Heavy duty corners and stress points
  • Ability to fixture with alignment screens

Here are some examples of our Cast Basket designs.
Click on the pictures to enlarge.

B1792-550A B1734-450A B3030-9
B2164-700A B3030-9 B3648-18
B4244-9 B1261 B1925-425Ax2