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Cast Trays and Tray Assemblies

Cast Trays | Power Grids | Fixtures | Cast Baskets | Rotary Retorts | Furnace Parts


  • Large inventory of cast tray patterns and designs used in all furnace types and hearth designs such as batch, continuous, pit & box.
  • Multiple round, square, rectangular, bolted assemblies and reversible tray designs
  • Cast tray sizes up to 90" square and 1400# total weight
  • Multiple heat & corrosion resistant alloy compositions available
  • Multiple molding processes such as investment, lost foam and sand allows for versatility in casting designs
  • Common sizes are often in stock
  • Batch Furnace Trays
  • Skid Hearth Trays
  • Pusher Trays
  • Pit Furnace Trays
  • Roller Hearth Trays
  • Car Bottom Trays
  • Tray Assemblies

Below are some examples of our Cast Tray designs.
Click on the pictures to enlarge.

B1481 B1096 B3001
B3002 B1029 B1021
B1009 B1094 B1095
B1080 B1072 B1814
B1210 B1008 B2854