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2802 Hitchcock Ave.
Downers Grove, IL 60515

TF 800.766.8324
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Pro-Tech is a leading supplier of heat and corrosion resistant cast and fabricated products used in the petrochemical and bituminous sand processes. Our products are primarily used in cracking and reforming furnaces. Pro-Tech is a full service company. We design, cast, machine, weld and perform all quality checks and inspections to insure dimensional and metallurgical accuracy. Our secondary operations include tube boring, CNC machining, computerized TIG welding, radiography, x-ray and both air and hydro pressure checking. Our foundry capabilities include vertical and horizontal centrifugal molding as well as investment, lost foam and sand molding. The centrifugal cast products include tube stanchions, reformer tubes (ammonia, hydrogen and CO2), hydrogen tubes and centrifugally cast coils. Our static castings include tube sheets, spacer blocks, hangers, hooks, hanger clevis, pipe caps and catalyst cone assemblies.