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Hot Mill, Plate Mill, Tube Mill

Hot Mill, Plate Mill, Tube Mill | Coating/Annealing Lines | Sinter Plant | Coke Plant | Blast Furnace

Pro-Tech is a leading supplier of heat, corrosion and wear resistant cast and fabricated thermal processing replacement parts for hot mills, plate mills and tube mills.  

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Hot Mill - Tunnel Furnace
Wet Rolls for Tunnel Surface Stabilizer Roll
Wet Rolls for Tunnel Furnace
Our water cooled rolls have been performing in tunnel furnaces throughout the world for decades.  They perform in atmospheres as high as 2450 deg F (1340 deg C). The rolls are typically made of proprietary alloy tires welded to a carbon steel shaft. We supply these rolls either with a castable refractory or without the refractory.  We have supplied the tires separately for in-house installation as well.
Dry Rolls for Tunnel Furnace
Our dry rolls are comprised of statically cast trunions (ends) welded to a centrifugally cast roll body with our unique locking mechanism.  They perform in atmospheres as high as 2450 deg F (1340 deg C).  Pro-Tech has developed many boutique alloys that are crafted for special conditions in a tunnel furnace.  Additionally, the Pro-Tech dry rolls will provide abundant fuel savings through reduced heat loss in the furnace.
Hot Mill - Reheat Furnace
Snouts Sink Roll Arms Radiant Tubes
Snouts Snouts Snouts
Rider Tiles, Hearth Skids, Buttons, Drop-Out Skids
Our rider tiles, buttons and hearth skids have been used for the successful transfer of steel slabs through a reheat furnace.  Whether you have a pusher or walking beam furnace, Pro-Tech can supply our unique alloys and innovative designs to maximize your output with minimal downtime.  We have decades of experience that will help match the right alloy with your application.
Inner Covers Convector Plates Convector Plates

Recuperator Boxes, Recuperator Tubes
Recuperator systems are critical to fuel savings for reheat furnace operations. We specialize in refurbishing of current recuperator boxes.  This will include but not be limited to the replacement of all or part of the refractory, manifold metalwork and tubes.  In addition, we supply the individual components direct to steel mills for in-house reconstruction.  Also, our experience in building new recuperator boxes, have made us a leader in exceeding OEM quality construction.

Plate Mill
Stabilizer Roll    
Plate Mill Heat Treat Hardening Furnace Rolls
Our plate mill heat treat hardening furnace rolls are comprised of statically cast trunions (ends) welded to a centrifugally cast roll body. Our engineering department has worked with many customers throughout the world in developing boutique alloys to fit their unique requirements.
Tube Mill
Tube Mill Pierce Points
Pro-Tech has been making pierce points for tube mills for several decades.  Typically HK material is used; however priority modifications have been made to enhance performance.