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Coating/Annealing Lines

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Continuous annealing lines, batch annealing lines, galvanizing lines and tin mills are among the many cold rolling lines that Pro-Tech has been a primary supplier.  Our sink rolls, furnace rolls, jet cooled rolls and stabilizer rolls have performed for decades in cold rolling mills throughout the world.  In addition, we are a leading producer of radiant tubes, snouts, pots, sink roll arms, bushings and sleeves. Inner covers, diffuser/convector plates and fans are some of the products that we supply to batch annealing lines.

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Sink Roll Stabilizer Roll Coating Furnace Rolls

Sink Rolls and Stabilizer Rolls
Pro-Tech has produced sink rolls and stabilizer rolls for coating lines for over 30 years. Each roll will ship with complete machining and coating to the exact customer specification. Most sink and stab rolls are produced in 316L as a cast roll body welded to a cast trunion (end). Proprietary foundry practices make improves the life of these critical parts.

Furnace Rolls
Rolls for continuous annealing furnaces are comprised of statically cast trunions (ends) welded to a centrifugally cast roll body in materials that include HK, HL, HF among others. Pro-Tech finish machines and applies all coatings before shipping.
Snouts Sink Roll Arms Radiant Tubes
Snouts and Sink Roll Arms
Most OEM snouts and arms are fabricated assemblies that are vulnerable at the welds. Pro-Tech has made many snouts as a one or two piece casting eliminating the weaknesses in the welds thus increasing the life. Our sink roll arms, typically poured as a one-piece casting in 316L has consistently outlasted the competition.
Radiant Tubes
Pro-Tech produces quality cast or fabricated radiant tubes in configurations like U, W, P, O, three-legged and straight.  The radiant tubes are typically made as centrifugally cast legs welded to statically cast return bends. Bung assemblies and bellows are often added to the assembly. Pro-Tech also produces the radiant tubes in many standard alloys as well as boutique alloys that comply with unique customer specifications.
Batch Annealing
Inner Covers Convector Plates
Inner Covers, Diffuser/Convector Plates
Pro-Tech has supplied quality inner covers and convector plates for batch annealing lines throughout the world.  Our workmanship and quality produce the longest lasting products in the industry.