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Mechanical Engineer
Pro-Tech Company Inc, Downers Grove, IL, has opening for a Mechanical Engineer. Applicant must have a master degree in mechanical engineering plus 1-yr experience in the following:

I. Engineering design of heat treat elements, such as fixtures, trays, and baskets; create drawings according to products requirement from scratch in Solidworks, aiming at using minimum structural weight to contain maximum load number capacity, which include:

A. Design when necessary, make plans and modify product configurations to meet product specific requirements.
B. Analyze equipment and system requirements, then confer with the sales team to assess equipment needs and determine system requirements for various products.
C. Design products specifications, develop, present, or respond to proposals for specific design requirements, including request for proposal responses and industry-specific solutions.
D. Draft, prepare and deliver technical presentations that explain products specifications or services to the sales team.

II. Create quality control program for certain engineering products and resolve any quality problems coming from the foundry, perform other duties related to the job assigned by our company when required, which include:

A. Establish a quality control procedure for the relevant staff to follow, oversee the trainings of the staff to sure the tolerance and quality assurance for certain designed engineering products.
B. Research and analyze various hi-tech tools and select among them the appropriate ones for quality control, and configure is to fit the company's products.
C. Research and select the most suitable foundry for certain products.
D. Analyze all tolerance levels from all foundries, and select and apply them into the quality control program.
E. Verify product shipment specification to determine if the quality is acceptable for shipment with different specifications.

Qualified applicant please send resume/cover letter via form below or email to Engineering@protechcompanyinc.com or by mail to 2802 Hitchcock Ave, Downers Grove, IL 60515.

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